Magic Square Game

Welcome to the Magic Square Game !

This game will test your mathematical skills and challenge you to solve magic squares.

Magic Squares are one of the oldest mathematical puzzles, with examples found in ancient China, Japan and India.

In order to solve the Magic Square, it is necessary to ensure that the sum of each row, column and diagonal combination are all equal.

The following is an example of a completed Magic Square; note that all possible combinations are equal.

image showing how to solve a magic square

Use the Settings button to change the game settings or click Play to jump right in !

Further information on the history of these ancient puzzles can be found on Wikipedia.


Magic square size:

The default option; uses a gird size of 3x3

For more advanced users; medium corresponds to a gird size of 5x5

Expert users only ! Sets a gird size of 7x7

Magic square difficulty:

The default option; expect smaller numbers that are easier to solve

More of a challenge ! Medium difficulty corresponds to larger numbers which will make the game more difficult to solve

The hardest setting; for users that really want a real challenge....